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Sophia Institute Press publishes and distributes faithful Catholic classics and new texts by the great enduring figures of the Catholic intellectual tradition. In 30 years, we have published 300 titles and distributed 3 million books worldwide to hundreds of thousands of individuals, bookstores, and institutions. Sophia’s authors include St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Therese of Lisieux, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Dietrich von Hildebrand, and many others.

Articles By Sophia Institute Press

Christ and the Powers of Darkness

Guard Your Senses We are beings of a composite nature, made up of body and soul. And although these are, in a certain sense, quite distinct from each other, they are nevertheless intimately joined together, one acting upon the other, one strongly affecting and influencing the other. The sense-impressions naturally are the more powerful ones


Struggles in the Spiritual Life

“I Just Can’t Pray” John looked out the window. Streetlamps and windows in neighboring homes lit the darkness of the approaching night. His gaze dropped to the desk before him. There, a few inches before his hand, lay the Bible. Normally at this time, he read from it for ten to fifteen minutes. Tonight, nothing


Improve Your Mental Prayer

“How well do you pray?” To that question, the average Catholic probably would answer, “Not as well as I’d like to.” The better the Catholic, the more likely it is that such would be his answer. To those of us who are dissatisfied with our efforts at prayer, it is a comfort to remember that


You Are Called to Greatness

To the Future—with Confidence Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is your outlook on life habitually a hopeful one, or do you usually expect the worst to happen? The nature of our temperament, whether cheerful or gloomy, depends to a great extent upon the state of our emotional and physical health. A person who


Visions and Revelations

Visions and Revelations in the Development of the Spiritual Life A brief survey of the evolution of the highest spiritual life in the light of Teresian teaching has brought out how absolutely erroneous it is to characterize the mystical life as a life full of visions and revelations. For St. John of the Cross, there


War and Peace

The Pillar of the Family The basic moral principle of Domestic Society is: the family is the natural unit of society and the right of education belongs primarily to the parents, not to the State. The family in the natural order is the only divine instruction in the world. God did not found the American


The Precious Gift of Old Age

Our Steadfast Hope The principle of strength through weakness is not a mere paradox, a formula invented to shock people out of their complacency. The truth, in our present existence, is never quite comfortable. Zen Buddhists use assertions flatly contradicting everyday experience as a means to arouse lazy minds to stimulating contemplation. Great religious teachers


Overcoming Worldly Concerns

The Saints Prove That You Can Overcome Weakness and Temptation It is a strange thing how little we Catholics, who make so much of devotion to the saints, really understand of the secret of sanctity. We read the lives of saints, and we are filled with reverence and admiration. We see their statues in our


Reading the Church Fathers

How to Read Early Christian Texts Before we can begin to examine the various writers and documents of the postapostolic age and beyond, we need to pause for a moment to address the differences between the writings of the early Church and modern literature. It is tempting to read early Christian documents as though they


The Seven Steps to Sanctification

The Gifts for Glory Swift Victory “Hurry up and wait” is now a familiar call in battle. On decks, in dug-outs, or at the council tables of foreign ministers of the hot and cold wars, the same “stand-by” order is a commonplace. In a struggle for power, or at least for an advantageous position, not

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