Rose Folsom

Before founding Virtue Connection in 2014, Rose Folsom was calligrapher to Presidents, Queens, and Popes. She curated a Smithsonian exhibit, showed her artwork around the globe, wrote a dictionary, and served a stint in the White House. Rose spent most of her career behind a desk – a scriptorium desk – where she created hand-lettered items for presentation and exhibition. During the years she owned a calligraphy studio, she was president of the local calligraphy society; edited the only international lettering journal; and taught, lectured, and exhibited widely her award-winning calligraphy. Her Calligraphers’ Dictionary has remained the standard reference in the field. A Catholic convert and lay member of the Dominican Order, her interest in the classical Christian virtues blossomed into a new calling. Through Virtue Connection, Rose has conducted talks and workshops in six dioceses. Her audiences have included Lay Dominicans, parish women’s groups, Knights of Columbus, and Catholic women’s conferences. She has posted over 300 articles at, Catholic, and A video series on growing in virtue is in the works. Rose grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her husband of 40 years, Fred Folsom. For fun, she reads G. K. Chesterton and collects pictures of cool license plates.

Articles By Rose Folsom

A Sip of God’s Glory

“There’s nothing like sitting in the same room as God and feeling him look back at me to show what’s really valuable in my life and what’s not.” – Rose Folsom


“This is All True”: The Story of a Conversion, Part 1

Lori suggested I read Thérèse’s Story of a Soul. I ordered it to make her happy and to prove I didn’t need this Catholic nonsense. The next Wednesday when I got home from work, there on the coffee table was the book and a dozen roses from my husband. I called Lori. “I got roses!” She said, “Yes, I asked Thérèse to send you some.”- Rose Folsom

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