Patrick O'Hearn

Patrick O’Hearn is a husband, father, author, and editor. His passion is for the saints. He grew up in the Midwest and spent close to three years in a Benedictine Monastery before discerning the call to marriage. His first book “Nursery of Heaven: Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss in the Lives of the Saints and Today’s Parents,” which he co-authored, was released in 2019. His second book, “Parents of the Saints: The Hidden Heroes Behind Our Favorite Saints” was released in 2021. The latter book took him over three years to write. His first children’s book, “The Shepherd at the Crib and the Cross,” was released in 2022. His latest book is the “Courtship of the Saints: How the Saints Met their Spouses,” which is available for pre-order.He graduated with a master’s in education from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a bachelor’s in marketing from St. Ambrose University (summa cum laude). He founded Contemplative Heart Press to lead readers to a deeper union with God. You can visit his website at

Articles By Patrick O'Hearn

The Spiritual Sufferings of Christ

“Throughout our lives we too go through the ebb and flow of consolation and desolation. But never has our desolation compared to Christ’s.” – Patrick O’Hearn

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