Lisa Cotter

Lisa Cotter is a leading Catholic speaker and author known for her practical insights on relationships, femininity, and living life with excellence. Her latest book is Reveal the Gift: Living the Feminine Genius. She has served FOCUS as a family for over 10 years, previously authored Dating Detox, hosted the popular How-to Catholic podcast, and traveled widely as a presenter at SEEK, Steubenville conferences, NCYC, and more. She earned a degree in Theology from Benedictine College and is finishing her Master’s in Theology at Augustine Institute. Lisa resides in Denver, CO with her husband Kevin and their four children.

Articles By Lisa Cotter

The Power of Receiving

“Why couldn’t I just look past the challenges and be grateful for the blessings? Why couldn’t I figure out how not to be overwhelmed?” – Lisa Cotter

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