Carrie Miller

Carrie K. Miller wants to live in a world where airplane seats are roomy, the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl every year, and every person lives from the knowledge that they’re deeply loved. As a freelance writer, she’s been featured on Live Today Well and the Have Hope; Will Travel Podcast with Katie Axelson. When she’s not writing, you can find her working for clients like On Fire Media, tending her garden, or reading a too-large stack of books from her local library. Her latest project – Your Greatness Starter Pack – is available now. Discover your path to greatness at

Articles By Carrie Miller

Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist

“Although I was raised Catholic and had gone to CCD every year of my childhood and adolescence, I realized that I had been catechized, not evangelized. I had been taught all of the Church’s many teachings, but I had never been introduced to Jesus “one-to-one,” as Mother Teresa says.”- Carrie Miller

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