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Catholic Spiritual Direction

Friday Morning Hymn

June 16, 2011 by  
Filed under Hymns

Friday Morning Hymn

Deus, qui caeli lumen O God the lamp of heaven high and source of light: your shining hand unrolls the banner of the sky, upholding it above the land. Dawn, casting up a crimson tide, has veiled the stars that saw its rise; the morning breezes, far and wide, with dewy breath the earth baptize. The darkness from the sky has gone as nightly shadows pass away; the morning star, sign of the Son, arising, wakes the sleepy day. O God,... Read More

Jesus I Trust In You

April 11, 2010 by  
Filed under Dan Burke, Easter, Hymns, Prayer, Seasonal Meditations

Jesus I Trust in You   The morn had spread her crimson rays, When range the skies with shouts of praise; Earth joined the joyful hymn to swell, That brought despair to vanquished hell. ———- He comes victorious from the grave, The Lord omnipotent to save, And brings with him to light of day The Saints who long imprisoned lay. ———- Vain is the cavern’s threefold ward– The stone,... Read More