The real confrontation between an exorcist and the demons does not take place in the prayer session. Satan knows, in a face-to-face fight with Christ and his Church, he loses every time. Rather, his best “game” is behind the scenes.

As a master psychologist, the Evil One tries to manipulate everyone involved- priests, laity, the possessed and family. He tries to make the family break down in discord. He tempts the possessed person to give up. And he very subtly tries to manipulate the priest and team in a myriad of ways.

One of the ways Satan attempts to manipulate the priest is to try to make him into his own image: boasting, angry, resentful, punishing, and arrogant. This is a subtle trap for the exorcist who may feel a tug toward these kinds of demonic emotions, especially when confronting angry, vengeful demons.

It is an important reminder that those involved in spiritual warfare must always take on the mind and heart of Jesus. The verses below are an attempt to capture this challenge. These verses are being framed and placed prominently in our little exorcism chapel as a reminder to all, but especially for us exorcists.

The Heart of an Exorcist

I do not boast of casting out demons,

boasting comes from the mouths of demons;

I choose to serve the Lord in humility.

I do not feel sorry for my little sufferings,

it is Satan who plays the victim;

I choose gratitude for everything that comes to me.

I do not punish demons or chastise anyone for evil deeds,

it is demons who accuse and cause suffering;

I choose to forgive and to heal.

I do not judge the hearts of others,

demons constantly criticize and tear down;

I choose to strengthen and build up.

I do not speak ill of others or curse them,

detraction and cursing are the work of witches and demons,

I return a blessing.

I do not hate … not even Satan and his minions,

hatred has its home in hell;

I choose to love, my home is in heaven.

Monsignor Rossetti’s new book, Diary of an American Exorcist, is available here.

This post was originally published on and is reprinted here with permission.

Image by cucaita1995 from Pixabay.

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