Your Prayer Life: Inspiration from Venerable Mother Luisita

Your Prayer Life

My beloved child,

Between Jesus and the soul there flows a current no one can see and a dialogue that no one hears. Form a rich and beautiful tabernacle for Our Lord within your heart and then do not let Him go. In that way, you will always have Him within you. Enter within yourself and, meeting Him, tell Him all your experiences. Adore Him within yourself, as if everything were in silence.

How beautiful it is to be in the Hands of God, searching His divine Gaze, in readiness to do whatever He wishes. If you don’t omit prayer, you will find all your answers there. Prayer can do all things. It is our most powerful weapon against the devil and nothing can withstand it or resist it. Therefore, prayer is what will save you from the many dangers surrounding you daily. With courage, trust, and prayer adelante (onward), even if you have to walk among thorns.

Are you becoming a saint? God our Lord has given you a soul for that very purpose. God loves you very much, my child. Correspond to that love, by making acts of humility, especially interiorly. Be truly simple and try to detach yourself from everything that is not God. You’ll be able to do this through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. Don’t doubt it.

How ardently I wish you to acquire solid virtue. To this end it would help you very much to read The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila and The Precautions of St. John of the Cross, rather than books of mere sentimentality.

Take time to pray before you make any decision. We all have to become calm before we are able to think. What I mean to say is that we shouldn’t come to any important decision right away. Learn to let some time pass. Take time to pray. Let the sun go down and don’t make the decision until the following day, or even later. Let a minimum of one night pass before you come to any decision.

Love God with all of your soul. Try to be faithful to Him in always, taking into account even the smallest things. Show Him your love by the exact fulfillment of your obligations.

Your prayer should be continual by uplifting your soul to God. May His love be the driving force urging you on in everything you do. My child, reminding yourself of God’s presence within you will lead you into contemplation.

I feel the necessity of prayer. It is my consolation and hope, because without the help of God our Lord, I can do nothing. I become like a dry stick in regard to doing anything good and an explosion of bad weeds grow in my soul whenever I neglect prayer. Do not lose your presence of God, my child, but contemplate it gently within yourself.

That every day may be a day closer to heaven for you is the wish of your mother who is so concerned about you and blesses you.

–Mother Luisita

These thoughts were taken from letters originally written in code by Venerable Mother Luisita during the religious persecution in Mexico when blood ran in the streets, tabernacles were emptied and families were left homeless and penniless. Her words of comfort and hope continue to bring hope and peace to us today as we, too, experience her gift of spiritual motherhood.

Originally published on the website of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles, used with permission.

Photography: Courtesy of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles, used with permission.

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