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The Joy of Full Surrender – Abandonment to Divine Providence

January 23, 2010 by  
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abandonmentAbandonment to Divine Providence
By Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Abandonment to Divine Providence (also known in another translation as the Joy of Full Surrender)  has been a life-changing book for me. Aside from scripture, it is the only book that I have read through multiple times (at least three cover to cover). The great power of the book comes through Lectio Divina or meditation on the content versus reading at a purely intellectually level. Read in the former manner, it will provide rich spiritual transformation as you begin to recognize God’s loving presence in each moment. With this recognition and the resulting impact on our relationship with God,  we are better able to leave the challenges of the present and future completely in His hands. If you struggle with worry, anxiety, or if you desire to know Christ more fully each moment, this book is an unparalleled resource.

Seek Him – Find Him – Follow Him


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  • Mary Becker

    Thank you for your reading recommendation!

  • Teresa Cara

    Thank you for the reminder of using Lectio Divina will reading this transforming book!!!

    • Dan Burke

      You are welcome. For me, it is far too easy to read spiritual books from a purely intellectual standpoint. This can be helpful but is far less fruitful than when we allow ourselves to be drawn into the presence of God through our reading.

  • Dolores Castro

    How to order the book
    The joy of full Surrender – Abandonment to Divine Providence

    • Dan Burke

      Dear Dolores in Christ – you just be able to click on the link…

  • Becky Ward

    I too, have found ‘Abandonment to Divine Providence’ to be a very helpful book. I have not read the version shown here but have been through the unabridged version at least twice from cover to cover, and use it often for reference. It was a great help while I was searching for a spiritual director, finding comfort in the fact that sometimes God doesn’t give us a director. This was crucial for me to deepen my trust in Him, and to let go of my huge need for human respect/direction/confirmation.

    Once I had managed to make some progress in this area, and had prayed a LOT, he led me to a wonderful director.

    • Dan Burke

      Thanks Becky!

  • RC

    I have found this book on-line here:

  • Kathy AE

    This is a classic I return to again and again.  I think many of its pages are blazed on my heart.  Other than scripture itself, nothing else has had such an impact on me.  Using the text in LECTIO DIVINA is surely the best way to read it; the Holy Spirit has to enter in through the reading.  I read and reread, memorize and pray with it.  What a joy and a consolation this book gives.

  • Serinaleslie

    This book changed my life. I started reading it during a time in my life while suffering with panic attacks and anxiety. I, too, have read it many times over. I now ordering several copies of this book and give it out as gifts. A definite #1 on my list of best reads, and I have read many spiritual Catholic books. I pray this book lands in the hands of many.