7 Steps to Accepting Suffering

You are not alone in your suffering.

You are not alone in the burdens you bear. Jesus Christ sees you as you struggle with physical suffering, emotional wounds, and spiritual trials. He desires that you unite your crosses to His own and experience the redemptive power of suffering.

That’s right—there is power in your sufferings. Tremendous, often untapped power. 7 Steps to Accepting Suffering can help you accept your suffering to turn it into something fruitful.

Insights on the Contemplative Rosary

In moments of anxiety, the most powerful action is prayer. The rosary, in particular, is an incredibly powerful prayer.

In fact, the rosary has the potential to lead us into deeper levels of prayer. But how can you improve your approach to praying the rosary and make your prayers most efficacious?

That’s why we decided to publish Insights on the Contemplative Rosary eBooklet, which offers insights by Stephanie Burke and Connie Rossini on the best-selling book, The Contemplative Rosary.

Holy Eucharist and Reverence

What is really happening at Mass? Why is it important that we honor the Eucharist? What steps can we take to be prepared to receive Jesus?

Dan Burke, President of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, along with Fr. Robert Altier, a priest of the Diocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, a third order Carmelite, and  teacher of the well-known EWTN series “Fundamentals of Catholicism” provide their expertise on why the Eucharist is so important for pursuing holiness.

Into the Deep

Have you ever wondered what prayer is exactly? What sets authentic Christian prayer apart from the many “spiritual” practices being promoted today? How does one pray? And is it really necessary?

To help answer those questions, we’ve created a new video series based on Dan Burke’s book, Into the Deep, for you to watch in your home or with your study or prayer group!

Now you can hear the story of Dan’s journey into prayer and how the saints have paved the way for each of us to discover the life of intimacy with God we were created for. 

Shedding Blood

Our world is full of temptations. We are caught up in a constant onslaught of impurity and sin, but I know from experience that we do not have to remain enslaved to our fallen desires.

You too can break the chains. Find Christ’s peace and healing in our free 5-day video series, Shedding Blood: An Immediate Action Plan.

We have created this series to guide you through the five steps of breaking free from habitual sin, and we want you to have it for free. 

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