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Faith of Our Grandmothers

“Sarah’s grandmother — surely a devout church lady – one whom I had never met, taught me something: pain can be directed; It can be purpose-filled.” – FB Smit


Make Easter Last

“If I am honest, the peak of Holy Week is profound but once Easter Sunday ends I go back to normal. This year, I am attempting to make that different.” – Thomas Griffin


The Power of Our Stories

“I want to personally invite you to join me, Stephanie, and a gifted lineup of speakers and spiritual directors and enter into Holy Week renewed and inspired by the sheer power of story.” – Dan Burke


The Self I Must Deny

“It would be impossible to underestimate how revolutionary this way of thinking is and how contrary it is to the way of the world. For a Christian, one’s true self, their ultimate identity, has nothing to with one’s career, social status, ethnicity, or the many other external things the world often associates to be part of one’s identity, i.e., their true self.” – Fr. Jeremiah Shryock


The Necessary Luxury of Slow

“Humbled, I recommitted to what I knew to be true: the spiritual life is better as a sit-down dinner than a drive-through.  And in both eating and praying, I needed to allow myself the necessary luxury of slow.” – Claire Dwyer 

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