Into the Deep Course


What is prayer, exactly? What sets authentic Christian prayer apart from the many “spiritual” practices being promoted today? How does one pray? Is it really necessary?

These questions—and many more—are answered in the new video series by Dan Burke, Into the Deep: Finding Peace Through Prayer.

Please let us know where we can send you this beautifully produced series, perfect for home viewing, parish use, or in a small group setting.

If you’re interested in doing this course with your parish or your small group or starting one, we have resources available to you for free! These will help you as you navigate through group discussions and dive even further into the deep. Opt into these free resources by checking the box below.


“The way the course was structured starting with basics helped me understand what Jesus asks of us in terms of prayer. I like the many real life examples used. I wish I had heard this many years ago. Very insightful. Thank for helping me find a way to have a closer relationship with Jesus!” – Gabriel


I found it very practical and the steps to take and examples used very helpful. It validated a lot of what I know about prayer too. Easy, practical steps to draw closer to Jesus. – Pauline

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