Into the Deep Prayer Resources: Mini-Course, Video

Congratulations on Taking the Next Step!


We are Honored to Serve You as You Respond to Jesus’ Invitation to “Put Out Into the Deep…”

into the deep prayer resourcesThere are several reasons you may have come to this page:

1) If you have already read the book Into the Deep – Finding Peace Through Prayer, click on the video below to watch a mini-course on prayer that we are sure will be a blessing to you. The password for this can be found on the opposite page facing the end of the final chapter of your book.

2) If you do not yet have a copy of Into the Deep – Finding Peace Through Prayer, click HERE to order a copy of the book.

3) If you have attended one of our “Into the Deep” Parish Events, use the special code on the card in your event bag to access the mini-course below.



Our three “Into the Deep” Divine Intimacy Radio and Podcast Shows:


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We are grateful to all have supported this initiative and the “Into the Deep Project”. Thank you … and thanks be to God from whom all good things come.


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