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Demon Possessed Through Yoga?

Demon Possessed through Yoga?   A caller asked about the practice of yoga and its link to potential demonic activity. Dan and Melissa discuss a Catholic perspective on


On the General Judgment

ON THE GENERAL JUDGMENT “The Lord shall be known when he executeth judgment.” cf Psalm 9:17 At present, there is no one in this world


Humility and Spiritual Growth

While pride is the root of all vice, humility is the root of all virtue. On this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio, Dan Burke and Melissa Elson discuss how to cultivate humility and thus draw near to the heart of God.


The One Thing Certain in Life

“As I opened the door to leave, her faint but calm voice cried out, ‘Father!’ ‘Yes, sister,’ I said and turned towards her. ‘God is certain, do not be afraid of anything,’ she said.” – Fr. Jeremiah Shryock

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