It’s that time of year when the stress levels rise or the sadness surfaces.

Most of us look forward to Advent and Christmas with a little bit of enthusiasm and a lot of anxiety. What should be a season of serenity and quiet alertness often causes us unrest. We wish it wasn’t so, but it seems we can’t simply shrug it away.

The great news is, the liturgical seasons are chances for us to receive new graces from God that are prepared precisely for us. The Lord has graces in store for you this season. Are open and ready to receive them?

In the eBook Welcoming Christ: Overcoming Advent Anxiety and Sadness, Fr. Bartunek shows how it is possible to prepare yourself to welcome Christ with a heart unhindered by being overwhelmed, having crushing emotions, and unrealistic expectations.

In our new eBook you will find:

  • Wisdom on receiving the new graces God has in store for you this liturgical season
  • How to identify and expose the causes of Advent anxiety and sadness 
  • Practical tips and insights on how to overcome Advent anxiety and sadness 
  • Guidance on making room for prayer during Advent, in order to focus on the coming of the Lord
  • Stories to help you embrace the light of Christ and overcome the negative impacts of busyness 

Let us know where we can send Welcoming Christ: Overcoming Advent Anxiety & Sadness and watch your inbox for this timely resource.

Thank you so much. I received your email with the eBook this morning and immediately read ‘Welcoming Christ’! It was excellent and put me in such a great mood throughout the entire day as I reflected on the logic of why God invented the liturgical seasons. I guess I had my own attitude adjustment about the season and have adopted many of the ‘tips’ as presented by Fr. Bartunek.” – Dianna


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