About Catholic Spiritual Direction

About Catholic Spiritual Direction

The purpose of this site and related resources is to serve you in your journey to and with God. If you are like many Catholics who desire a deeper relationship with Christ and His church, you have probably discovered that the paths to pursuing that relationship are not always clearly illuminated. Thus this humble effort. Our desire is bring greater light to His path and to serve you in your search for greater depth in Him.

That said, no blog, book, or retreat can take the place of healthy Spiritual Direction. Instead, these tools help us form healthy perspectives and improve our opportunities to grow in faith and to participate in the important work of our journey to God.
What you will find here:

  • Questions and Answers about Spiritual Direction
  • Perspective on Spiritual Direction
  • Perspective on Prayer and other Matters Relating to Our Spiritual Growth
  • Book and Resource Reviews
  • Links to Resources for Further Spiritual Development


Avila Foundation Board of Directors


Daniel Burke – President, Chairman of the Board, Member of the Finance Committee

Bishop Robert Baker – Ecclesial Oversight

Patrick Linbeck – Vice Chair, Member of the Finance Committee

Dr. George Harne – Secretary

David Calvillo, Esq., CPA – Treasurer, Member of the Finance Committee

Jim Broom

Stephanie Burke

Paul McCusker

Charlie McKinney