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Catholic Spiritual Direction

A Mother’s Tears: A Retreat Guide on Our Lady of Sorrows

September 13, 2014 by  
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A Mother's Tears (Retreat Guide) - Available Now

A Mother’s Tears — New Retreat Guide on Our Lady of Sorrows The newest Retreat Guide from RC Spirituality, A Mother’s Tears: A Retreat Guide on Our Lady of Sorrows is now available at If you could protect your mother from terrible suffering, would you? I think I would; I think most of us would. Mothers suffer enough in this fallen world. If we could bring them... Read More

Emergency Room Visit – (Update 1)

September 3, 2014 by  
Filed under Dan Burke


Dear Friends, I have been scolded for not keeping you up to date via the blog regarding my health situation. Thank you for the many notes of encouragement. I have not and will not be able to respond to all of them but please know that I do read them and I am grateful for your love and concern. For those not yet aware, as the note reveals below, I was in the emergency room last week dealing with severe... Read More

What is God’s Will Regarding Suffering?

August 18, 2014 by  
Filed under Fr. Bartunek, God's Will, Suffering


Editor’s Note:  The following post comes from a new book by Fr. Bartunek published by Franciscan Media: “Answers: Catholic Advice for Your Spiritual Questions”. The questions and answers in this new book are some of Father John’s best.  Click here to learn more about the book…or if you wish to get it for a friend or relative who doesn’t read on line. With special endorsements by: Dan... Read More

Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction, and God in You – Part 5 of 5


The long awaited 5th part of “Women of Grace” series Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction and God in You with Dan Burke and Johnnette Benkovic is now available. In the final part of the series, Dan delves into how a person’s spiritual progress relates to whether you run from your suffering or embrace it, what Spiritual Direction is and the relationship between a Spiritual Director... Read More

Where Suffering Meets Sacrifice

May 27, 2014 by  
Filed under Book Club, Vicki Burbach

Book Club image

The Sinner’s Guide (Week 8 of 16) The just, knowing that God is their Father and the Physician of their souls, submissively and generously accept as the cure for their infirmities the bitter chalice of suffering.  They look on tribulation as a file in the hands of their Maker to remove the rust of sin from their souls, and to restore them to their original purity and brightness.  –... Read More

“Offering it Up” – Redemptive Suffering (II/II) Path to Greater Merit

May 12, 2014 by  
Filed under Fr. Bartunek, Suffering


In part I, we talked about the mystery of merit and its problem and solution.  Today, we will discuss how the growth in spiritual maturity depends on the interior discipline in living out each for four factors. A reader asks:  Dear Father John, I was just listening to a radio show about redemptive suffering – they were saying that our suffering can have value if we “offer it up.” ... Read More

“Offering it Up” – Redemptive Suffering Part I Mystery of Merit

May 5, 2014 by  
Filed under Fr. Bartunek, Prayer, Suffering


Redemptive Suffering (Part I of II) :  The Mystery of Merit Dear Father John, I was just listening to a radio show about redemptive suffering – they were saying that our suffering can have value if we “offer it up.”  Is there any more to this (uniting our sufferings to Jesus’) than just saying the words? Before getting to the heart of this question, we have to peek at the... Read More

The Daily Cross

Divine Intimacy_K2

✞ Presence of God – O Jesus Crucified, help me, by the merits of Your Cross, to carry my cross daily. MEDITATION “He that taketh not up his cross, and followeth Me, is not worthy of Me” (Mt 10:38). By these words, the divine Master expressly declares that one of the indispensable conditions for being His disciple is to carry the cross. The word cross, however, should not make us think only... Read More

The Value of Suffering

Divine Intimacy_K2

✞ The Value of Suffering Presence of God – O Jesus Crucified, teach me the science of the Cross; make me understand the value of suffering. MEDITATION The Passion of Jesus teaches us in a concrete way that in the Christian life we must be able to accept suffering for the love of God. This is a hard, repugnant lesson for our nature, which prefers pleasure and happiness; however, it comes from Jesus,... Read More

Let Us Learn To Be Tempered To Love Through Suffering! (IV/V)

March 29, 2014 by  
Filed under Mary Kaufmann, Suffering


Editor’s note:  In the first part of this series, we introduced the concept of the Chain of Love, from Venerable Concepción Cabrera’s Spirituality of the Cross.  Part II examined how we are to live our baptismal priesthood and briefly looked at the concept of the fourteen rules of the Chain of Love. The third post explored the idea of seeing with the eyes of Jesus and went into greater... Read More

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