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Spiritual Director or Shrink? How Does One Discern? (Part I of II)


Dear Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters,

 I have long been dealing with a deep sadness and lack of joy in life.  The vortex of emotional suffering seems to revolve around my unanswered prayers for a spouse and romantic love, but when I look at myself honestly I see that I am not selfless enough to have been a good wife.

 I pray that the Lord changes my heart, and makes me a better person, and... Read More



The 4th of July, for the United States, is a day to celebrate independence, liberty and freedom.  But, what really is true freedom?  God created us in His image and likeness and gave us free will.  And, this free will is one of the ways in which we most resemble God.  For that reason, God never violates our free will.  Yet, we are never so free as when we freely choose the ultimate Good, God Himself. ... Read More

Am I Too Much Work for God?


I have a hard time accepting that God loves me just the way I am. I experienced abuse growing up, and lived in a very dysfunctional family. My son had cancer and chemo at the age of 13. I married an emotionally, religiously abusive husband. I have a hard time knowing and accepting God accepts and loves me. I feel like maybe I am too much work, even for God. Can you help me? It’s understandable to... Read More

Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction, and God in You – Part 4 of 5

Women of Grace 4

Dan Burke, President and Founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction and the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation and author of Navigating the Interior Life, recently joined Johnnette Benkovic on Women of Grace: Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction, and God in You to share his story of conversion and how you too could achieve spiritual growth through the purgative, illuminative and unitive ways. In... Read More

Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction: God in You, Part 2 of 5

Women of Grace 2

Dan Burke spent a week discussing his suffering, conversion and healing with EWTN’s Johnnette Benkovic on her show, Women of Grace. Dan captures the stages of the spiritual life in his award-winning book, “Navigating the Interior Life“. In the second episode of five, Dan continues to discuss his conversion from the Jewish faith to Catholicism and from suffering to healing and love. In... Read More

How does one Receive what God Wants to Give?


Dear Fr. John, thank you for “The Better Part“. I have kept up with all days following the calendar in the back. I treasure this book as it “lives” at my bedside ready to nourish and inspire. I especially have benefited from the entries where a figure from Scripture speaks in the first person. I write because my search for a remedy for a life-long spiritual matter has reached... Read More

How to Forgive


With our thanks, once again, to Father Michael Najim who has graciously shared this short video with us from his blog, where this video was first posted. Editor’s Note:  Tomorrow is Pentecost.  Pray that the Lord will give us a heart of compassion.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us this gift of knowing how to forgive. About Fr. Michael NajimFr. Michael Najim is a... Read More

Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction, and God in You – Part 1 of 5

1 Women of Grace Screenshot 2014-05-28 15.33.08 copy

Dan Burke had the pleasure of talking with EWTN’s Johnnette Benkovic on her show, Women of Grace. about the spiritual life and his award winning book, “Navigating the Interior Life”. Dan is also the founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction. In the first episode of five, Dan speaks of his own suffering and conversion and gives advice on how to heal from the suffering. Also, don’t... Read More

Dryness in Prayer – God’s Part in the Struggle (Part III of III)

April 14, 2014 by  
Filed under Aridity or Dryness, Fr. Bartunek, Prayer


Editor’s Note:  In Part I, we talked about what is going on with dryness in prayer.  In the second installment of this series, we addressed our part in the struggle.  Today, we will look at God’s part in the struggle. A reader asks: Dear Father John, I have been praying (mental prayer) for a long time.  But lately I seem to be experiencing dryness in my prayer – I just don’t... Read More

Sayings of Light and Love #41

John of the Cross 3 copy

Do not tire yourself, for you will not enter into the savor and sweetness of spirit if you do not apply yourself to the mortification of all this that you desire. Saint John of the Cross More “Sayings of Light and Love” About Dan BurkeDan is the founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction, the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, and author of the award winning book, Navigating the Interior... Read More

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