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Catholic Spiritual Direction

Should I read or consume non-Catholic devotional or bible study materials?

Dear Dan, should I read or use non Catholic devotional or bible study materials? This is a very important question. There are other cousin questions that follow the same line of concern. “Should I attend non-Catholic bible studies?” “Should I read protestant commentaries on scripture?” Before I answer this I must make one thing abundantly clear. An Important Disclaimer I am in no way anti-protestant or anti-anyone for... Read More

Could watching certain TV shows be against our Catholic faith? – Part III of III

March 5, 2012 by  
Filed under Entertainment, Fr. Bartunek

…Watching certain TV shows: Dear Father John, Is watching a show like the “Medium” against our Catholic faith? The show is from what I have heard is calling on spirits who have passed on from this life and supposedly can be reached through a medium. In our first and second posts in this three part series, we reflected on as humans how we love art and entertainment. What is the power and purpose of entertainment. How to... Read More