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Catholic Spiritual Direction

If I could only touch the tassle of your cloak…

July 9, 2011 by  
Filed under Dan Burke, Prayers

If I could but touch the tassle of Your cloak…

Speak only one word, Lord and…

Just Your glance toward me, O Jesus, and I am rescued and restored..

You said you would not lose what the Father has placed in Your hands

let all my confidence rest in Your willingness to save me!

Joneen Flemings

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About Dan Burke

Dan is the founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction, the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, and author of the award winning book, Navigating the Interior Life - Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God. Beyond his “contagious” love for Jesus and His Church, he is a grateful husband and father of four, the Executive Director of and writer for EWTN’s National Catholic Register, a regular co-host on Register Radio, a writer and speaker who provides online spiritual formation and travels to share his conversion story and the great riches that the Church provides us through authentic Catholic spirituality. Dan has been featured on EWTN’s Journey Home program and numerous radio programs.

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  • Becky Ward

    Jo this is beautiful!!  Thanks for sharing!! :)

  • C J Sebastian333


  • ThirstforTruth

    Just a beautiful mediation for the Sabbath…thanks be to God for inspiring Jo to share her prayerful thougts!

  • Guest

    Jesus I Trust In You, Amen

  • Mbtvalli


  • Stephen

      “Wonderfully great,as has been said,is the mercy of Jesus Christ to us;but for our greater good He desires that we should put our trust in His mercy,with a lively confidence,trusting in His merits and His promises.Therefore,St.Paul recommends us to preserve this confidence,saying that it has a great reward from God (“Therefore,do not cast away your confidence,which has great reward”,He.10:35),and therefore,when a fear of the Divine judgement seems to diminish this confidence in us,we ought to chase it away,and say to ourselves,as the learned Dr.Saverio Mattei writes in his excellent version of the Psalms,on Ps.XLi:’My heart,dost thou tremble?knowest thou not how to hope?Banish thy fear and tremble not.Why wilt thou trouble me?Hope in the Lord,that we may one day sing His praise and glory.'”
       “The Lord revealed to St.Gertrude that our confidence so constrains Him that He cannot possibly refuse to hear us in everything we seek of Him.The same thing was said by St.Climacus:’Prayer exerts a holy violence upon God.’Every prayer offered with confidence,as it were,forces God;but this force is acceptable and pleasing to Him.Therefore,St.Bernard writes that the Divine Mercy is like a vast fountain,from which whosoever brings a larger vessel of confidence carries away a larger abundance of graces.And this is according to what the Psalmist wrote,’Let Thy mercy be upon us,O Lord,according as we have put our trust in Thee'(Ps XXXii:22).”–St.Alphonsus Liguori,Confidence in Jesus Christ.

  • Stephen

      “To walk securely in this life,we must always walk between fear and hope:between fear of the judgments of God,which are unfathomable abysses,and hope of His mercies,which are without number or measure,and over all His works.”
      “We must fear the Divine judgments,but without discouragement,and be encouraged at the sight of the mercies of God,without presumption.”
      “Those who entertain an extreme and inordinate dread of being damned,show that they have more need of humility and submission than of understanding.We must indeed abase,annihilate,and lose our soul,but only to exalt,preserve,and save it.That humility which is prejudicial to charity is undoubtedly a false humility.”
      “Whatever leads to discouragement,to despair,to trouble,is contrary to charity,which teaches us to make every effort,though with fear and trembling,but never to distrust the mercy of God,Who wills all men to be saved,and to come to penance.”
      “We serve a Master Who is rich in mercy to those who invoke Him;He cancels a debt of ten thousand talents on a very brief petition.We must have sentiments worthy of His goodness,yet serve Him with fear;but while we tremble,we must not cease to rejoice:that humility which discourages is not a good humility.”–St.Francis de Sales, on Fear and Hope.

  • Stephen

    here’s a thought–every time we partake of the Body,Blood,Soul,and Divinity of our dear Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the alter,we touch the hem of His garment.

    • faithful123

      I had another thought Stephen; every time we take part in touching a sacramental of the church – it is as if we are touching the hem of Christ’s garment. Holy Oils, Holy Water, the Rosary, lighting a candle… as we
      act in faith of this material matter being ‘of Christ’ – CHRIST is pleased
      with our faith in ‘the spirit of it all’ … all power came out of Christ when
      he felt the touch of the hemmorrhaging woman; the power of Christ flows
      out of Him into His church and all that is ‘created’ in God. 

      The Eucharist is the very presence of Christ – Sacrament; but even if
      we can’t come fully to Him (due to the crowds) if we believe in the
      power of all that is sacred in his church; Christ feels our ‘touch’ ie:
      our being with Him.

      • Stephen

        Good thought faithful,I love it!!

  • Margarett Cahill Zavodny

    What a powerful prayer this is!

  • Celtl30


    That is such a beautiful prayer- the cloak of faith
    One word- he is the Word- the fulness of all words- the word of hope
    A glance for him who loved us first-
    The Father-has given-for all time-so it is a promise of love
    bourne on the Cross-love in action
    The fruits of the Lord- infinite mercy
    Let me lean on You Lord, with a fecund confidence, let us together build a lifelong friendship.

    I can’t help but write those words,smile.



  • H

    We must do the work of faith such as touching the cloak of our Lord and Savior. 
    We must extend ourselves in this dark world and give ourselves to this work.
    That is our faith. 

    • LizEst

      Beautiful!  Thanks H.  Blessed Christmas and New Year to you and yours!